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    Problems accessing site using Contribute


      I have checked with my ISP and also been able to access the site using Cyberduck but can't get Contribute to access it.  Several issues


      1.  I make the connection, passes tests and asks me what role = I pick Administrator and it asks for a password and I put in the one my ISP has and which I've  used to get FTP access and with Cyberduck but it doesn't recognize it.  I don't know or remember what the admin password is but there's no way to find it or change it.


      2.  I put in the website address and it asks for what folder so, going to the docs folder in Cyberduck that contains the contents of the site I use that named folder -- but I get back a message that shows I cannot access it - that there were no results - for http://www.journeyzing.com/index.ntm -- I put the url in the area and the actual page I want to go to [www.journeyzing.com/resources] and it keeps bouncing back to me and telling me I jhaven't created a connection to a page or site yet == but that's despite using the correct url...or at least as far a