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    Advice for modifying a compressed file without expanding its size?

    John Breen

      Hello. Fairly new to video editing, so your advice is appreciated.


      I've got a 720x480 WMV3 .AVI video clip which runs about 1/2 hour at a rate of 666kbps. The file size is about 75MB.


      In trying to adjust the brightness/contrast on the file and resave it, the file sizes for different formats all shoot way up. The file has a heavy amount of compression to start with. My thinking is that 'high-quality' settings within a codec will actually store too much information, while 'low-quality' settings will further compress the file and result in loss of quality.


      Is there any rule of thumb to dealing with an already-compressed file, editing it, and resaving it (without a significant loss of quality) and without greatly increasing file size?


      Thanks in advance,