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    Font Manager


      Hi again guys,


      I'm wondering how to use Font Manager? & What is a good Font Manager?

      Because like i said in my previous discussion that the last guy who work here left gazillion of fonts.


      My questions :


      1. If i use font manager, the fonts that i dont use in my project wont show in the font list?

      2. what about if i want to use them?

      3. so when i package, the fonts that i dont use will not going to be package as well. correct?


      thank you.

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          mckayk_777 Level 2

          Must say its Font Explorer Pro (FEP) for me! (MacPro OSX 10.6.8 Indesign Creative Suite 4, Indesign 5.5)

          When I first started this job they had suitcase and I found that program really limiting. But I also had never used it before and knew very little about it.


          FEP has many things that I like about it.


          1. Although most people lean away from font auto activation the one that comes with FEP has been working real smooth, a few second delay when opening files while it starts what font is required.


          2. Font Preview is amazing, select the fonts you want to compare with a typeface you have and you have transparent view and slide show.


          3. Font Groups: Where you can put all fonts for particular jobs into smart sets.


          4. Search files and discover which fonts where used inside that file and save that as a font set


          5. There is also a server version of the program (we do not have but would like to "anyone from FontExplorer listening donations accepted ")


          6. Application Sets: Really handy for auto activating fonts used only in certain programs.


          7. Good Conflict control.


          The list could possibly go on and on, in other words, love FEP and highly recommend it.