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    Non-visible buttons print in interactive PDF

    mspencerkc Level 1

      How can I prevent non-visible form elements in an interactive PDF from printing? I have a button that is set to invisible in an interactive PDF based on a radio button being selected. However, when the PDF is printed, the invisible button on the screen prints on paper. How can I keep this invisible element from printing? I am in InD CS6.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Select the button. Open Window > Interactive > Buttons & Forms. Uncheck Printable.

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            mspencerkc Level 1

            Steve -- Thanks. That seems to be working now.


            Maybe it is just me, that "Printable" label seems confusing. I had checked it because I was thinking, "Yes, I would like it to be printable in the PDF." However, I was also thinking that meant it would print only when visible not when invisible.


            So I guess I should have been thinking uncheck "Printable" so it will print but only when it is visible? Sorry, maybe I am missing a key element here. It's end of a long day.


            Anyway, it works how you explained now. Thank you!

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              This seems to be the thread I'm looking for. I'm building an interactive PDF in InD CS6. The form has lots of "dependancies" or "rules" built into the form, fields which show up depending on how the user fills out previous fields. Is there a way to have ONLY the visible fields print? (All my fields are set to be printable, but I need them to only be printable if they're visible.) The fields are set up currently so that they overlap each other, but only one field within each set of overlapping fields would be visible in the PDF.


              If this isn't possible, it seems like the only way to make this PDF work is to move all fields so that nothing overlaps each other and have everything visible. Too bad that would defeat the whole purpose of my 10 page form which was to simplify/clarify a complex and varied process.


              I appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance.