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    AE CS6 Global Performance Cache doesn't appear to be caching

    Guy S. Level 1

      If I play the timeline by hitting the space bar, AE will slowly play through the timeline, rendering as it goes. The rendered portion will have the familiar green bar at the top, but at a certain point my system will run out of memory and I'll begin losing what was first rendered. During this process I'll see small segments of blue that indicate data written to the disk cache, but the segments are small and sporadic, just a frame or two here and there.


      I've set up the cache and processor according to the Adobe tutorial, then reviewed the tutorial and re-checked the settings with our IT manager.


      After watching one of the video tutorials on AE CS6 it occurs to me that this feature may only work with RAM Preview. So I attempted what was shown in the video: Do a RAM Preview, change something on a layer (moved a path point), new RAM Preview, then UNDO.  I did not get a green bar indicating that AE had re-loaded the previously cached version.


      I then closed and reopened the project as shown in the video but did not see a blue bar indicating that the preview had been saved to disk.


      Project: 20 second comp with two video and two solid layers. Video = 1080 Canon DSLR video (same video file; one layer has a stationary mask). Solid layers each have one path with the Stroke effect applied to it.


      System: HP workstation, 6-core Xeon (hyperthreading OFF), 12GB ECC RAM, nVidia GeForce 460 SE (1GB DDR5), Win7 (64), Intel SSHD (system), 10k HDD (swap and temp files), server-class 7200RPM mirrored data drives, CS6 Production Premium. All drives are defragmented. Tried with Norton Corporate AV ON and OFF, no difference.


      As a troubleshooting measure we also tried this on a brand new HP Z420 workstation with Xeon Quad (hyperthreaded), 8GB ECC Ram, Quadro 3800 (or 3850?) graphics, system drive, data drive. Scrubbing through timeline was faster, but disk cache behavior was the same.


      My initial impression of AE CS6 is that it feels slower than CS5 and it seems to me that I must be doing something blatantly wrong. Ideas?