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    InCopy in Creative Cloud?

    jamessk12 Community Member

      I have been to the InCopy page on the Adobe website and it states that InCopy comes with Creative Cloud but I am a Creative Cloud member and InCopy is not listed in any of the Apps or Services within the Cloud menu.


      Does any other Creative Cloud members know how to access the InCopy?




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          BobLevine UGM

          Can you post a link to that?




          InCopy is NOT  included in Creative Cloud though I would imagine the service could be used to transfer files.





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            Hi, Bob,


            I was also wondering about this as we just upgraded to CS6 via the Creative Cloud and were really hoping to integrate InCopy into our design work flow for our business.


            I have taken the liberty of taking a screenshot of the page I believe James was talking about above and attaching it below.







            (full res: http://s17.postimage.org/slx3zzfmn/incopy.jpg)

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              BobLevine UGM

              Thanks for posting that. I'll see what I can find out.



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                BobLevine UGM

                This is a mistake. InCopy is most definitely NOT a part of Creative Cloud.




                I’ve brought it to the attention of the proper parties and it should be fixed soon.




                Thanks again for posting that link.





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                  BushWear Community Member

                  We've had some discussions around the office and it's definitely something we're still looking to integrate into our workflow.


                  Are there any plans to offer a discount on InCopy to people who are already paying for a Creative Cloud subscription?  I imagine this would be treated as an "add-on" for the Cloud service but, given how well integrated into the InDesign workflow InCopy has become over the past couple of years, it seems like a fairly standard piece of software that should be integrated into the Creative Cloud/Suite in the first place.




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                    BobLevine UGM

                    Typically, InCopy users are writers or editors, not creative professionals. I have heard of no plans to integrate InCopy into CC but you can make your voice heard here: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform



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                      @Ali Troup:

                      I agree, this page was very misleading. My workgroup thought the same thing. Although we work in InDesign, we had to train the writers and editors how to work in InCopy, because they were resistant at first. It's a lot easier to do that if you have a copy of it yourself. Is anyone else in this situation?

                      I've added my request to Adobe to include it with the Cloud, hope everyone else did the same.

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                        fnegrin Community Member

                        NOT fixed yet, many months later. Still as misleading....  


                        If it is called InCoud CS6 how can it not be part of Creative Suite 6???, and also how can it not be part of Creative Cloud?  And yes, the product page indirectly implies it is  (in both of those).  It really needs to be included asap.  In both.   Or have its name name changed to something without CS in the name....   Or there should at least be some huge discount to Creative Cloud or CS users


                        Not good.   It is like false advertisment just now.    I have voted for inclusion in Creative Cloud on the new idea page someone set up on this topic.  Please do to.

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                          fashionrisk1 Community Member

                          7 Months later and the Adobe web site still says that InCopy is part of creative cloud.


                          Here's the text as of 6/2/2013: 



                          Part of Creative Cloud

                          With InCopy CC — part of Creative Cloud — your creative process becomes seamless, intuitive, and more connected. Get it as a single-app membership or with a Creative Cloud complete membership, which also includes every other creative tool.



                          I've been a member of CC for a year and have never seen InCopy in the application manager. 


                          What gives Adobe?

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                            AnneMarie Concepcion ACP

                            InCopy CS6 is not part of the subscription plan to the Creative Cloud. However, InCopy CC will be. You'll need InDesign CC to work with it. All the CC apps should be released by June 17, as far as I know.


                            Also, InCopy CC will be available as a standalone subscription, good news for the editorial staff.



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                              fashionrisk1 Community Member

                              Thanks AnneMarie, that makes sense.  Sorry for being late to the party!