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    Film Presets

    Jim_Simon Level 8

      I've packaged some basic Premiere Pro presets for everyone.  It includes the old Film Fades from a ways back (the built-in Adobe version of the Film Fade doesn't really emulate a genuine film fade all that well), as well as some Letterboxing presets for both 16:9 and 4:3 media.


      Unzip the file, and from the Presets bin do a Right Click>Import Presets...


      The In/Out fades are based on the standard 1 second duration.  If you need more or less, you'll have to adjust the keyframes.

      The Title fade is based on the standard 5 second duration, so again longer or shorter titles will require a keyframe adjustment.

      The Letterboxing presets are based on the Crop effect, after doing the math to determine how much should be cropped to get the desired result.  The 16:9 options work equally well on SD or HD media.  The 4:3 are obviously for SD only.  The presets can be applied directly to a clip, to a nested sequence, or in CS6, to an Adjustment layer.




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