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    Importing psd to Flash causes pixelated graphics


      I know this question has been asked but i cannot find a solution on any forum so far.


      Basically when i import my .psd file (with many layers for animation) the graphics are slightly pixelated arount the edges. This is the case when viewed at 100% on the main stage and obviously deteriorates when zoomed in or out.

      I have some blending effects added to the graphics in photoshop, but even when taken off i get the same result. I have tried importing them in every way possible and i get the best result when i import the flattened bitmap images with lossless compression (see image attatched).


      Also i have tried turning on allow smoothing, still no joy.


      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also im working on Mac OSX 10.7 with Flash CS5.5.


      Imported into Flash.