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    Videos and Keeping them in one place

    twtybrd678 Level 1

      I am creating a epub book and I waw wondering how do you keep the video in place in IDsigned CS6?


      When I place it at the bottom or middle the video always places it on top.


      How can I anchore it to a certain position?





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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You would anchor an video the same way you anchor an image. But the location will depend on the size of the text through which it is flowing. This will depend on the EPUB reader and the font size selected by the reader.


          The only way to control it would be to put it on its own page, or starting at the start of a page. You would have to do this by making it into a chapter in a book, or preceding it by a paragaph style which you select to begin a page break. Or to edit the HTML and CSS.

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            Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

            What Steve said makes sense and I agree it would be best way of achieving this however


            you can try using the "Article Panel" , you can create the article for different object on the page and sequence them as well.


            When exporting the EPUB , select "layout based on the Article panel". , it may help but if doesn't then move to steve's idea.