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    P Pro CS6 Error message saying "Could not find a capable video driver. Update display drivers"

    Enrique1972 Level 1

      This is really starting to bug me. When I go to start Premiere Pro or Prelude, I get an error message stating "Could not find a capable video driver. Update display drivers." The only way either of those two program sill open is if I run them as an Administrator. I feel I should not have to do that. I have the newest NVIDIA video driver - just downloaded it today! But, I still get that message. Fortunately, running Premiere Pro as an Administrator, I can open it and use it without issue.


      Here is how my computer is setup:

      HP h8-1080t Desktop

      24 GBs of DDR3 RAM

      Quad-Core i7 Processor

      NVIDIA GTX-580 GPU


      Has anyone else came across this? If so, what was your solution?