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    stick function help

    dc12 Level 1
      I am using the code below to deactivate my button "menu_one_mc" when you are on that button. I think this code is working for this purpose, but is causing a problem elsewhere on the site.
      Is there another way to "stick" my buttons?

      menu_one_mc.onRelease = function() {
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          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          what is stick()? have you defined a function? if so, show what you have inside this function. and please clarify exactly what you want - you say you want your button to stick or deactivate - by that do you mean you want the button to no longer react to any user interaction? you also say "when you are on that button" and then show your code with onRelease? did you actually mean to say when the user clicks(ie releases the mouse button) on that button?

          ok assuming you want to disable a button when the user clicks it, the following code should suffice:

          menu_one_mc.onRelease=function() {