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    Created an Index and now the TOC has disappeared on the RH Server

      I've posted about this before and haven't really gotten an answer that solves our issues. This morning my co-worker created a help system using FlashHelp Pro, published it out to the RoboHelp Server...it appeared fine. She hadn't created an index yet, so she went back into RoboHelp and created the index. When she posted her files back to the RH Server, the TOC is now gone. The Contents pane is there, just no content The scroll bar acts like it's going to load but disappears. We tried republishing, emptying the Temporary Internet Files, yelling at the computer...nothing.

      After much investigation we noticed that RoboHelp Server adds a bunch of entries after your .htm file in the address bar. This effectively turns the reporting functions of RH Server on and off. Here is an example: http://server/robo/projects_fhpro/projectname/file.htm#>>prj=Example Project>>cap=Example Project>>pbs=toc|ndx|nls|gls>>pdb=toc>>pot=>>pan=0

      When you remove those additions from the address the TOC appears again in her project.

      Therefore it tells me that RoboHelp is messing with something in the stuff it puts into the address.

      Any clue what is going on? This has happened to three people pretty randomly now, and I'm getting annoyed by it.

      If you have the answer I'm looking for, you are officially my hero!!