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    Avid resolutions that Premiere will accept on AAF import

    Lewiz Level 1

      Hi there everyone,


      I have searched the entire Internet to get info on the exchange between Avid and Premiere, and although there are quite a few movies, threads, PDF and so on about this subject, they all keep pointing back to the "ease of use" and Halleluia and commercializing side of it without getting realistic.

      Nevertheless, true realism holds that I have never succeeded to import an AAF in any way, going from Avid MC 3, 4 5 and 6 to Premiere 5 and/or 5.5

      Somewhere experimenting along the road I found out that throwing away all of the audio tracks in Avid made it possible to transfer a sequence, be it that the video resolution was not right for Premiere (DV50 I believe). This brought me to conclude that Premiere must be very, very picky on the resolution of all the Avid video andf audio files the AAF is pointing to, thus causing endless trial and error.


      I don't have endless time, however; and having serched the entire internet, as said, my amazement grew beyond control about the fact that there seem to be NO COMPATIBILITY LISTS AT ALL concerning the undoubtedly large number of Avid resolutions that WILL NEVER WORK in the bespoken exchange.


      Does anyone know where to find this kind of list? Please do not come up with the obvious stuff, I know both the concerned editing programs by heart; the developers of Premiere should have the answer to this: which Avid video and audio RESOLUTIONS WILL work in Premiere???


      Any help is much, much appreciated. I want to quit Avid forever and convert the lot of my old projects.