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    what's wrong with the audio meter?

    yingtaoshenfu 2 Level 1

      Let me start off by saying that I know the problem I am going to report is a little bit complicated, if my limited grasp of English makes it even harder to understand, please let me know. I'll elaborate on it further.


      At first, I was very happy with the CS6 because the audeo meter at the bottom right can show the volume of video EVEN WHEN i scrub through the clip in the viewer monitor. It is vital to me,because I am so used to editing based on the fluctuance of volume as I edited on FCP .However, I find the audio meter in premiere pro is kind of wonky. when I press left arrow or right arrow to move frame by frame, the the audio meter acts very strangely...I am not sure how to discribe it in words, but I'll give it a try here:


      In FCP 7,the audio meter shows the volume in a very simple way: when I play the video frame by frame, the audio meter fluctuate correspondingly, to show the volume of that individual frame.


      In PP, when I try to play frame by frame, the audio meter gives no reaction in the first couple of frames, then fluctuate . The most mind boggling thing is that when I stop playing the clip, instead of staying as the volume of the frame where I stop (as FCP does), the audio meter in PP slowly falls down to nothing. What gives?  Can I have an audio meter in PP acting just like the one in FCP?  Can anyone give me a hint of what's going on here? Thank you in advance!!