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    Polarizing filter


      Is there any way to apply a polarizing filter to ps touch for ipad2?

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Though Photoshop Touch doesn't contain a dedicated polarizing filter, you can try to  simulate one using an additional layer and a few tweaks.


          Step 1: Open the image  that needs corrected


          Step 2: Duplicate  the layer. With the duplicate layer still selected, choose Adjustments->Black&White so that the image will turn black and white


          Step 3: From the Effects apply the Gaussian Blur  so that the desaturated layer will become slightly blurred


          Step 4: From the  Adjustments chose Invert so that  the  layer will be altered so that the dark spots become light and vice-versa.


          Step 5: Apply an overlay blend mode to the selected layer


          Step 6: Again from the Adjustments choose Level, which allows you to adjust the light and color levels of the desaturated layer that is currently overlaid on the main image. Slide the levels sliders around while monitoring the image

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            rippyripperton Level 1

            Thank you!


            This worked very well.