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    Generating peak files repeatedly on CS6, Mac & network drive

    Coen Deurloo

      I'm having some weird issues with Premiere Pro CS6 peak files being generated over & over again.


      At work, we all have mac pro's (MacOs 10.6.8), Premiere CS6 and the movie files itself reside on a shared network drive (mostly h264 or prores). Every time I open a project, it regenerates the peak files. even when I activate another window, say to switch to after effects or check my mail and get back to premiere, it ALSO regenerates the peak files.


      I have tried all various settings in the media cache settings, but nothing changes. What makes premiere regenerate those peak files each and every time?


      Edit: I have collected the files to the local disk and now the generating peak files problem is gone, the problem is we need to work on the same files very often so we need the network drive. What could be the issue? Any ideas?


      Kind regards,