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    Placing Image - Image Distorted

    jamessk12 Level 1



      I am designing a brochure for a client, it's a furniture brochure. I have 3 images which when placing them in InDesign the images go distorted, all other images are fine but these 3. When I open them in Photoshop the images are ok, nothing wrong with them at all. I've tried saving them as a Photoshop file then placing them into InDesign but the problem still occurs.


      Here is a screenshot of the files in InDesign http://cl.ly/1y370a1Q1k3z3u1w3H3i


      Here is a screenshot of both images in Photoshop http://cl.ly/220t3I2U1F441I1J0Z25 & http://cl.ly/3B0C161q2t1H0c392440


      Has anyone has this problem before or seen anything like it?


      Kind Regards