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    Working with XDCAM HD in Media Browser window (CS6)

    andymees@aje Level 3

      Is it just me, or is this unusably slow?


      I have a PDW-F70 deck hooked up via Firewire to my PC (Windows 7 64-bit) but when I mount a XDCAM HD disc and try to browse the contents in Premiere's Media Browser window (or in Predulde's Ingest window) then it takes what seems like forever to download and display the thumbnails and low res proxies. Is Premiere trying to do someting different?  It's so incredibly slow that I'm thinking it might actually be trying to download and cache the full hi-res media before letting me browse ... but when it finally does finish, once the clip thumbnails do eventually display, then it is still taking forever to display them in the source/external display if and when I select one in the browser window ... and heaven help me if I try to actually play one of these clips.


      Does this scenario sound at all familar to anyone? I'm guessing I have a basic settings issue ... either that or I am maybe just misunderstanding how this function works with XDCAM HD in Premiere.


      For what it's worth, using Grass Valley's Edius app with the exact same hardware, setup and connections etc and browsing the media using their own "Source Browser" window (which is basically their version of Premiere's Media Browser window), then I can almost instantly view thumbnails and browse the XDCAM HD low res proxies, make my selections and import whats needed ... same goes if I'm using Sony's own XDCAM Browser app.


      Clearly I'm a bit lost at this point and am hoping someone can help me out.


      Thanks in advance