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    A few questions about capabilities

      I'm looking for an alternative to a java-based 3D display I've been working on, using WireFusion. It is a 3d art placement interface for t-shirt printing companies which allows customers to place their artwork on a 3D shirt, move it around and scale it, etc. Director11 looks like it could be a possible solution, but I have a few specific needs and haven't been able to find the answers.
      1. does it support UV mapped surfaces?
      2. can I apply a flash movieclip/swf as a uv-mapped surface texture?
      3. if I have interactive elements in those movieclips (specifically draggable images) will they also be interactive on the 3D model?
      4. Can the director output (shockwave?) be displayed in an adobe AIR environment?

      There's a demo of what I'm trying to accomplish at http://alleycat.chadroyer.com/wf/tshirt_std_mf.html if it helps to see what I need. The form on that page is not what will be used, just a generic output from wirefusion to test all the javascript input. It takes a minute to start up, so be patient. You can click on the 'send "on" to front art' button to display the artwork on the front of the shirt, and you'll be able to drag it around.

      Thanks in advance for any help/advice... this project has been very frustrating, and I need to make a decision which way to go here. I'm not really happy with the current java solution to begin with (tho it does what I need it to), and I would really like to build the intranet portion of the project in AIR, which won't display java applets.
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          multiduck Level 1
          The answers to almost all you questions are yes.

          You will however take a small performance hit on using flash as a texture and implementing the drag can be fiddly if you have multiple textures to drag, but it should be possible to solve. Don't see why you would need to use flash tho.

          Director do not support AIR, you can however publish to an exe file (called a projector) if that's what you were looking for.