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    Flash CS6 crashing on Illustrator import

    johnaoneal Level 1

      After installing the latest versions of Flash and Illustrator CS6 I can no import from illustrator to Flash.  When I do, the Flash total crashes and exits and Win7 creates (an unreadable) crash log.  I can copy from illustrator to FW, and I can copy and paste into Flash as image, but when I try "copy as vectors" in FW and paste into Flash, I get the same problem.  Flash totally dies.


      Anybody got any suggestions?

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          Sudeshnasarkar27 Adobe Employee

          Hi John ,


          I tried copying illustrator files from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe Flash CS6 , I was able to do that without any crashes encountered.



          I get this dialog and all the options are working as expected.


          In order to help us investigate the issue that you are facing , can you share the AI/Fireworks file with us.


          Thanks and regards,

          Sudeshna Sarkar

          Adobe Flash Professional Team.

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            johnaoneal Level 1

            It wasn't an issue with the files or programs, particularly, but with the installation of CS6 after uninstalling CS 5.5 (as well as using the Adobe clean up tool).  I could tell this because i could get it to work fine on a clean vm.  Regardless, I took a chance with a commercial registry cleaner, and much to my surprise, it worked.  Unfortunately, as it detected and fixed some 3,000 registry errors, I can't  be of much help to anyone else who has the problem.  But that's where the problem was.