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    Questions about Inheritance

      I am working on a project in which I have a number of cables that are connected/disconnected. Because the code for toggling the states is used so much, I created a simple class to perform the task of unplugging/reconnecting the cables. In this class, I have a function called cableClick that simply toggles the state of the cable between the 2 states.
      Now, however, I have some cables which the user needs to perform voltage tests on. In those cases, the cables has a third frame which we name "face". When in this face frame, the user can place a multimeter probe on any of the pins of the cable.
      So, in order to code this, I figured I would create a subclass of cableClass (I called it voltageCbl). In this class, I added a new function called placeProbe which will place the multimeter probe over the correct pin. I also created another function called resynchProbes which will simply place the probes back in the appropriate places if the user leaves the scene before removing the probes and returns.
      The question I have is... How do I call the placeProbe function? I don't think I'd want to create a new cableClick function if it is going to have nearly the same code as that in the cableClass. But then again, the cableClass doesn't know anything about the placeProbe function.