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    Linked TOC in IDCS5.5 seems not to work


      I'm pretty cross-eyed over this issue. I've been through the Lynda.com videos, the Help file, the Forum, and a few reference books I have on hand. I'm trying to generate a linked Table of Contents (TOC) for a book that's already created, and then export the book (with the linked TOC) to ePub format. I get the TOC text to the epub file (viewing it with Adobe Digital Editions) and the entries in the TOC are underlined and in blue as if they are hyperlinked... but clicking on them in ADE does nothing and examination with TextWrangler seems to indicate that there are no links in them.


      My steps:


      1. Generate TOC from Layout>Table of Contents, using a style called "Chapter headings" for the TOC entries.

      2. Save book.

      3. Export book to epub.


      Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, or what I'm missing, and I'm starting to run short on time. Astonishingly, I've successfully created TOCs in other ebooks using the same steps.


      I'd appreciate any help you can provide.