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    Hiding context-sensitive help topics from searches




      I'm currently using RoboHelp 9 and am still trying to remedy an issue I've had since I started using the product 14 years ago: how to hide context-sensitive help topics from search results.


      I was glad to see that a new 'Exclude from Search' check box was added to the Topic Properties dialog (believe this was added in version 8, though I'm not sure since I jumped straight from version 7 to 9). My happiness was shortlived however, as I discovered this feature ONLY applies to WebHelp and not HTML (.CHM) help, which is the layout used for all my help files.


      From searching here in the RH forum, I've found information on a workaround for accomplishing this in a .CHM file, which is as follows:


      - Rename the file extensions for the affected files from .htm to .xhtm


      - Remove the now missing .htm versions of these files from the project (Topics List), leaving intact the references for the topics (answering 'No' at the prompt you get when deleting the files asking if you want to remove all references to the topics in other files)


      - Adding the .xhtm files to the Baggage Files folder


      - Amending all links that previously pointed to the .htm versions of the topics to the new .xhtm versions (presumably by fixing all such instances listed in the Broekn Links folder)


      I've been able to do the first three of these steps. It's the last one, 'amending the broken links', where I'm getting hung up. Because these are context-sensitive topics, they are assigned a map ID which is listed appropriately in the project map file. All the broken links I have to deal with are a result of these map ID assignments (since they were originally, and still are, assigned to the .htm versions). When I attempt to edit and fix these broken links, I cannot find a way to associate the map IDs with the .xhtm versions.


      As was reported in another discussion I read on this subject, .xhtm topics do not appear in the Topics List nor can you locate them when trying to fix the broken link (click 'Restore' and select 'Try to find' on the Topic References dialog you get when double-clicking on the broken link - the Open File dialog you get only lists .html, .htm, and .htx files in the 'Files of type' field).


      Can anyone tell me how to reassign the map IDs to the .xhtm versions of context-sensitive topics???


      Thanks in advance for any help and guidance you can provide.