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    Is there a tool that works like 'Liquify' for Photoshop Touch on Ipad


      I always use photoshop on my PC and i am thinking of getting an IPAD.

      Photoshop Touch looks good but there a few tools that i cant find much info about online, so please help of you can.


      I would like to use it for fashion and beauty images so i need to do the following things......


      • Make bodies slimmer/wider (i usually use liquify/bloat/shrink for this, im worried that if i use 'warp' it will look gimmiky and too extreme but i still want it to look quite natural.
      • Make skin texture smoother manually (like blur tool)
      • Make eyes and teeth whiter manually (to look natural not gimmiky)

      Please help if you can and let me know what tools i can use for this in Photoshop Touch on IPAD.



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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          There is a blur tool in PS Touch. You can also use the dodge or burn effect via the paint tool. (Instead of painting with a color, you "paint" the effect, which can be customized to your liking. In addition to dodge/burn, there are also a bevy of other adjustments and effects to paint with, like saturation and brightness.)


          There is a warp tool. Not sure if it would be the right tool for the job but it doesn't seem gimmicky to me from what I've tried (mostly corrections in perspective).


          If you know anyone with an iPad or Android tablet and they have PS Touch, ask to see it.