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    CS6 Mini Bridge - Thumbnail size and preview

    Craig_Hurford Level 1

      I've just upgraded to CS6 (design & web premium) and was setting up my workspace in InDesign, and after adding (docking) Mini Bridge there seems to be no preview or anyway to change the size of the thumbnails I can view.


      I use Mini Bridge a lot as we have folders that include 100+ assets in, and it's good to see a small thumbnail to quick scan, then to click on it to see more detail.  Now all I can see is a maximum of 6 thumbnails, which means I will need to scroll a lot to find anything.


      I've read the following topic from the PS CS6 Beta forum (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4286375#4286375#4286375), and was wondering if this "as designed" thinking has been rolled over to  InDesign, meaning that in order to  change the thumbnail size (with no preview), I have to have Mini Bridge undocked and if I want to see more detail, I have to enlarge the thumbnail, then reduce again to carry on searching?


      If so, it seems like a massive oversight, as InDesign is a layout tool and having easy access to multiple documents to include (and to see what they are) is vital, which isn't helped by the seemingly arcane way to access folders.


      Hopefully this is me just being a bit dim and missing something obvious, otherwise it's going to cause a lot of hassle in my day to day work.


      If anyone has a definitive answer, that would be great.




      Craig Hurford