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    Key commands to change target tracks?

    danzg Level 1

      Is there any key commands that can be used to re-assign the track target?

      I.e., if I want Audio tracks 3&4 on the Source side to go to tracks 7&8 on the Program side, or Video to go to V3...

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          jstrawn Adobe Employee

          There is sort of a way to do that but it's not fully automated:

          1. Set the track target to the track you want (drag the grey 'v' box up to Video 3 then make sure the track header is highighted (lighter grey) and that the other cideo tracks are NOT.

          2. Select the clip you want in the project panel

          3. Press 'comma' key to insert he clip at the cti in that track (or you can use the overlay shortcut or map your own)

          Here's what it will look like at that point:


          But that may not help that much since you have to set the target rack manually beforhand.


          Rule of thumb: If it's a menu item or a panel button, then it's keyboard-customizable in CS6, but unfortunately there is no menu item for 'Send slected clip(s) to target A/V track'.

          I also tried automate sequence to get it to work, but that doesn't seem to respect the target track.

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            SimonHy Level 2

            Man I would love for Adobe to implement keyboard based controls for track patching. I'm not exagerating when I say it was literally the first thing I tried to figure out how to do on switching to Premiere, was so surprised to find out it's a mouse only feature. We change tracks a lot, particularly for audio.


            I submitted a feature request... I really hope Adobe takes those seriously!

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              jstrawn Adobe Employee

              We take all feature requests seriously, and track targeting is an important feature for many users. Thanks for your support!

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                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                Thanks for the feature request. As an editor, I also want to be able to patch tracks without using the mouse. Great request!