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    AVCHD data rate question


      Hi all,

      Sorry for the following very basic question.  At the college where I work we are, this month, going over to Premiere Pro CS6 from Final Cut Pro.  We use domestic camcorders for most of our work, and we like the idea of not transcoding to ProRes or some other equivalent, which we have had to do on FCP.  We'd like to try editing AVCHD natively and because our students only make short videos under five minutes long, we hope this will be possible, especially since we are getting some shiny new iMacs when the range is updated next month.  My question is as follows.  We have Panasonic camcorders which have several quality settings for 1080i.  The lowest is 5mbps and the highest is 17mbps.  I don't understand the practical consequences of the difference - is the 5mbps more compressed and therefore will take more cpu power to decompress on the timeline, or is it just lower quality full stop, and will therefore run more fluidly on the timeline, and take longer to start slowing down if it is not rendered? Our aim is to have unrendered playback as smooth as possible for as long as possible.  Which setting should we use to achieve that, assuming we're happy with the output quality of the 5mbps option?


      Hope that makes sense, and look forward to finding out the answer!