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    CS6 Subscription and Creative Cloud


      Hey folks, regarding CS6, I was wondering, if anyone is considering subscription pricing, and if so are you thinking in month-over-month of yearly subscription , and what may be the reason for this.  Also wondering if anyone can share their experience using Adobe's creative cloud.  Will appreciate any advice you may have.

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          TradeWind Level 3

          I have had Adobe software for a long long time, and I decided to drop my perpetual licenses for the Creative Cloud. I upgrade every version anyway (more or less) so it's not a big deal for me price wise.


          I also use more than just the Production suite software (Acrobat and Dreamweaver) so Creative Cloud sort of consolidates all of that.


          My current experience is...the Creative Cloud is a work in progress. There are still features that aren't there yet, like the Creative Cloud desktop app, and some other functionality that's all coming sometime later this summer or this year. The online storage is nice. The website hosting is nice too (although I haven't quite got it working yet).


          I do have access to other programs I didn't have before like InDesign and Fireworks, so I've found those interesting to toy around with. Over the years I'd occasionally get an InDesign layout from someone and be unable to do anything with it, so that does solve a rare problem for me as well.


          I'd say if you qualify for the discount pricing (which means you're either a student/teacher/edu subscriber, or own an existing CS3, CS4 or CS5 suite) then the $29/month is awesome. Just do it. If you're looking at the $49/month price, maybe not so much.


          If you are only an infrequent creative type and only do video/image/print projects occasionally, go with the month-to-month plan and you don't have to worry about getting stuck on the long term, and you only pay for the software whenever you need it.