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    Toolkit for CreateJS - iPhone




      I've been trying to do an animation for mobile phones, but it's not working.


      The movie itself is very simple.

      It's a movie clip (with sequential pictures of a product to make a 360° view) and 2 buttons (nextFrame and prevFrame).

      The first time I tried to export using the toolkit, it didn't work and I was told that buttons were displayed as movieclips.

      So, I changed my movie. Now there's no butons at all, only movieclips.

      I used ActionScript 3 to do everything, and I don't see what I can do to make it works properly.


      Here is the ActionScript:




      PrevGo.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goPrev);

      function goPrev(evt:MouseEvent):void {

                if(banner.currentFrame == 1){







      NextGo.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goNext);

      function goNext(evt:MouseEvent):void {

                if(banner.currentFrame == 10){







      The problem when I export the movie is that the movieclip is loaded without clicking.

      If I export the movie without the plugin, it works, but I can't see at iPhone...


      Does anybody know how I can fix that problem?