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    Flash Pro CS5.5 "Debugger Failed to Launch"


      I'm running Flash Pro CS5.5 on Win 7 Pro x64 with 8GB RAM.  My .fla is HUGE (it's a game I'm working on) ~750mb.  My exported .swfs are ~35mb.


      I can open my project and test the movie one or two times (usually once) before I am unable to test the movie.  I'll see the "Exporting SWF Movie" splash screen and when that closes, nothing happens.


      If I try to debug CTR+SHFT+ENTER the movie, I see the "exporting SWF Movie" screen and then get an error statin that the debugger failed to launch.


      I have a feelin that this is due to the Publish Cache.  My machine is hovering around 4GB or RAM usage while rendering the movies.  Flash Pro CS5.5 is 32Bit so maybe the debugger is crashing trying to access memory outside of it's allocation?


      I have uninstalled CS5.5, run the Adobe cleaner and reinstalled and have the exact same problem.


      Any ideas?