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    Projects won't open, pp cs5.5 crashes

    kdcwll Level 1

      I have a new iMac (i5, 8 gb ram, 2 gb video card) and pp5.5, using avchd video footage. I create a project, works great...close the file and when I try to open the project again pp crashes. Every project I have created since I bought the computer and pp back in Feb of this year gets corrupted. I've reinstalled pp and have installed the latest OS update. Backups dont work either. Please someone help! I installed the trial of CS6 and all the projects that cause 5.5 to quit are opening so the files are not corrupt. I can't really afford to buy the upgrade and am nervous to fork out additional money for a program that has yet to work for me. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why 5.5 doesn't work?