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    Interlacing/Pulldown (I think) Question

    JesseHarris Level 1

      I have PR 422 footage digitized from a 29.97 BetaSP tape.  It was brought into an Avid at 1:mxf, then the sequences output to the ProRes Quicktime.  Can someone please tell me what the heck I, or the colorist did wrong?  Quicktime settings were 720 x 486, lower field first.  (and strangely when dropped into a fcp timeline, field dominance was none, wtf?)


      The vhs with vis timecode has similar issues but not nearly as noticeable.  So I doubt I would be able to re-intrepret in AE, correct?


      Is this an incorrect pulldown?  I guess I'll need to re-transfer?  Or is it some kind of interlacing issue?  Just about every sequence of 4 frames has this issue to varying degrees, depending on the motion and objects in the frame.


      Thanks for your experienced eyes!  Rick Gerard?  Dave LaRonde?









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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your footage only has 3:2 pulldown if it was originally shot at 24 and transferred to tape. It's hard to tell from these stills because I don't know what settings you tried. A better sample, and one that would tell us what's going on would be 30 frames (1 second) of the original ProRez file.


          Try this. Separate fields (the none indication is normal for many codecs). Don't try removing pulldown but instead, drag the footage to the new comp icon at the bottom of the project panel and then open the comp settings and double the frame rate. Now step through the comp a frame at a time and look for fields. You shouldn't see any unless there is 3:2 pulldown. If there is you'll see a frame with field lines followed by several with none.

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            JesseHarris Level 1



            Thanks very much for checking in and having a look. 


            Do you mean you'd like to see 30 stills??  Or one sec of video?  The BetasSP video must, as you say have a 3:2 pulldown, it was telecined from 16mm and 35mm footage, hmmmm, and as I remember some footage was shot off-speed/over-cranked for slow motion...  but definitely transferred at 29.97. 


            As far as Settings for the ProRes QT, I just made sure field order was Lower First and the format correct, 720x480(486).  Were there other settings I needed to choose coming out of the Avid?


            I followed your instructions to Separate Fields in AE.  As I step through the frames in the 59.94 comp, I still see the field lines; clean frame, same clean frame, field lines frame, same field lines frame, next field lines frame, same field lines frame, clean frame etc.  I'm sure this is not being expressed properly, would you like to see a RAM PREVIEW posted here?





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              JesseHarris Level 1



              I know the holiday interrupted this thread - hope you had a good one Rick!  I'm wondering if you would mind taking another look at my issues, and my reply from last Friday just above.


              Please let me know if I can clarify the situation, and/or show you a RAM Preview or something! 


              Thanks so much,



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                Dave LaRonde Level 7

                Even though the film was overcranked, I bet it was transferred to Beta SP as if it were 23.976.  Thus, it contains 3:2 pulldown, which easily is removed in AE.  To be safe, remove the pulldown on a shot-by-shot basis.  Here's the straight skinny:

                http://help.adobe.com/en_US/aftereffects/cs/using/WS3878526689cb91655866c1103906c6dea-7f42 a.html

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                  JesseHarris Level 1



                  Thank you so much!  I only had to Separate Fields and the field lines are no more when stepping through the footage!!!  I'm curious however why you recommend only doing this on a shot-by-shot basis?


                  What I'd like to do now, is render my Field Separated footage back out to 422PR and cut it up in FCP.  What might be the problem with that, besides long, very long renders?  I have about 35:00 of footage, in three separate 422PR QT's.  Am I running the risk of dropped frames??


                  Again, many thanks!



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                    Dave LaRonde Level 7

                    I'm curious however why you recommend only doing this on a shot-by-shot basis?

                    It's because you don't know precisely HOW the film was transferred to tape.  It could be that there were a few shots on one roll of film, then a few shots more on another, etc.  The logical way to transfer them with one tape deck and one projector (or scanner) would be a series of assemble edits to tape.  This would result in a very real danger that the pulldown pattern would be off among sets of shots.


                    If, however, you knew for a fact that every single shot was on one continuous roll of film and was transferred all at once, you confidently could remove pulldown from the entire large clip of many shots.  But I bet no one will swear to it on a stack of bibles, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

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                      JesseHarris Level 1

                      Thank you very much for elucidating!  Since I am the cinematographer, and was present during the telecine session; there was no assemblage, film was prepped for video on reels and we transferred everything on each spool - however; buyer beware!  I'll take your warning into account and double check each section of shots! 


                      Much gratitude!