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    Timeline not updating when editing


      hello there, hoping someone can provide some solutions.  this is my first time posting on any kind of forum.  my settings are:  


      Premiere Pro CS6 Mac OSX v10.6.8 2 x 3

      quad core intel xeon / 11GB memory / ATI Radeon X1900 XT

      editing DSLR FOOTAGE 1080p.  24 /

      used plural eyes to sync footage. 

      made new master clips w merge clip command

      multicam shoot / 2 cameras

      Timeline is not updating when editing.

      timeline buttons on the left (V1,V2,A1,A2, etc.) are not responsive to clicking

      error keeps happening even after copying clips and pasting into new sequence

      only have premiere running

      i have a trial version of sapphire edge, but am not using any of the plugins on the clips

      i am on a tight deadline.   


      any help or suggestions are very much appreciated.  many thanks in advance.