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    Lost my XDCAM codecs for CS6.  Need help exporting to XDCAM HD422.  URGENT!

    David Acampora

      Hello all,


      I am having an issue with CS6.  About a week ago the system drive in my MacBook Pro died, and frustratingly, my backup drive died coincidentally.  I have new drives and a clean install of Snow Leopard 10.6.8, so I downloaded the CS6 trial to do some work while I'm on the road away from my FCP and CS5.5 disks back at home.


      The problem I'm running into is that before my laptop died, I was burning XDCAM disks for post with files I was creating on my laptop in After Effects and FCP 7.  My workflow was to create a video file in After Effects CS5.5, export an XDCAM HD422 file from After Effects, import into FCP 7 and File > Export > To XDCAM Browser.  This was a delightfully simple way to create media that post could ingest into their Avid/PC workstations without having to worry about drive formats or converting EDL's, blah, blah, etc. etc.


      Anyways.  Today I tried to export a video from After Effects CS6 and I'm missing all of my Quicktime XDCAM codecs.  I went to the Sony website and downloaded/installed XDCAM Browser, XDCAM Transfer, XDCAM Drive Monitor and XDCAM Drive Utility, hoping that one of these would include the codecs I require to perform my job as expected.  A bit of light Google research didn't turn up much other than that these codecs were built into a Final Cut Pro update that I may have done months or even years ago without realizing it.


      Now that I'm without Final Cut, what do I do to restore these codecs to CS6?  Is installing Final Cut my only option, or is there an .mpkg somewhere on the internet that will restore these codecs?  Any help you may be able to provide is very much appreciated, my job depends on it!


      2009 15" MacBook Pro

      2.8 GHz Intel Core2Duo

      8GB RAM, 500GB HDD


      Adobe After Effects v11.0.0.378
      XDCAM Browser v2.1


      Not much else....