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    AVCHD workflow question

    Joe Riggs Level 1



      Late 2009 mac mini with 8 gb ram.

      CS 5.5


      I have 5 long clips (that range in duration 30-60 min) of lecture material shot in AVCHD. I'll be doing a few cuts to b-roll to cover stumbles, etc...but for the most part it will just be those clips. Once I do my inital edit, I need to export and upload for client review, then make edits based on their notes (which should just consist of deleting parts of the lecture they don't like), some light color correction and export the final to mp4.


      What would be the best workflow as far as rendering/exporting for this project? Would it be best for me to render the timeline, then export with use preview files? I'm trying to be as efficient as possible and to minimize the countless hours of exporting if possible, even by sacrificing a little bit of quality.


      I have 3 external harddrives (only 1 has firewire 800), that I can configure in the best way to speed the process, would it be better to have the media on the FW800 drive or to use that drive for exports?


      Thank you