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    Need help importing certain .mov files


      Hi everyone,


      I am VERY new to Premier, and am trying to make a video for a friends wedding.  I took a bunch of footage on my iPhone and am having trouble importing only a few of the files.  It seems that every file 25 FPS or more won't import.  The error reads: "The file has no audio or video streams".  99% of my videos import fine (all under 25 FPS), but there are a few very important ones that won't.  I can view them fine normally on my computer, I just have no idea how to get Premier to accept them.


      I've searched these forums and Google as best I could, and could not find anything even relating to my problem.


      A little over my head here.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Please let me know if more info is needed.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The problem is that iPhone and iPad can record video, but not at a constant FPS rate. So 25 FPS is not really 25, but may vary between lets say 23 and 26 FPS. That is not acceptable for PR. Maybe iMovie can handle it.

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            amylargent Level 1

            I was just able to import a 29 FPS one, so I take back my original statement.  But there seem to be a handful of 25-27 FPS ones that just won't import.  I realize iPhone is far from the tool I should have used for the job, but it seems odd that Premier can handle 23, 24, and 27...but not 25.  Unless FPS isn't the problem and it's something else?  I have the entire video complete with the exception of two clips, so if there is any way at all to change either the video settings or my project settings or something, I'd much prefer that to trying to re-create the entire thing in another program.


            It just seems like I am missing something obvious.  A handful of videos all taken right after another, with the same phone, varying FPS, and only 2 won't import.


            Any other thoughts?  Does everyone agree with Harm and I'm out of luck?


            Thanks =)

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              amylargent Level 1

              Update:  I was able to use ImToo movie converter to convert the files to Divx, and import them into Premier with no issue (at least that I can see).  I have no idea why this worked, but if anyone is experiencing a similar problem, give that a shot.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Rather than using a CODEC, like DivX, that is heavily compressed, and tough to edit, I would have gone with Apple's QuickTime Pro (US$ 29 upgrade/unlock), and chosen perhaps the PhotoPNG, or Animation CODEC, in the MOV container. That should convert the problem files, with little to no loss, due to high compression, and get you a format/CODEC, that PrPro can handle easily.


                However, and at the end of the day, if you got the Project finished, one cannot argue too much with the workflow used.


                Good luck, and thanks for reporting what worked for you.



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                  Trent Happel Adobe Employee

                  Would it be possible for you to provide small sample file(s) that fail as well as one that works (for comparison)? Thank you.