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    Finding specific color?

    cmeira Level 1



      I have color entries in my color panel which are all used -- according to InDesign...

      But I can't find the text or objects with some of these colors (using the search options).


      So, how can I find these objects? Are there additional search options in InDesign? Or a script?


      Thanks a lot.





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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, they may be unused colors. You can determine this by choosing Select All Unused from the Swatches panel menu.


          If it shows it is used, then open the Separations Preview panel (Window > Output > Separations Preview). Turn it on, and you can turn on and off the eyeballs on the left to see where the color is used.

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The one's marked "Word" are brought in from RGB colours used within a Microsoft Word Document.


            If you aren't using those colours you can delete them and you'll be prompted to replace the colour with an alternative. Preferably something close to the style of the document.



            If you want to see where it's used you can go to the FIND panel and Find text> choose the option for Find Formating - and then go to the character colour.


            Be sure to check both the Fill and the Stroke separately.



            You can also do this with the Objects, go to the Find Panel and choose Object and then select the fill and also the stroke, separately.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              The CMYK green is a default color, so it may be hard to find if you actually used it. Most, perhaps all, of the RGB swatches all came in from WORD, so they may be findable by searching for text with that color fill. The bad news is that if the color is applied to the paragraph break, ID doesn't seem to find it using Find/Change. Nor apparently, does Preflight.


              You've tried "Select All Unused Swatches" from the panel menu, I suppose? If ID thinks they are actually in use, you can try creating a new swatch in some easy to spot color like flourescent orange, then delete the swatches and replace with the new one. Again, though, you won't spot it if it's applied to a paragraph break. You might also look for these colors in style defintions.


              I'd probably replace the two Word blacks (12-12-12 and 0-0-0) with [Black] if you can find them If you can't find them thay probably are either applied to something invisible or non-printing, or are only in a style and won't be a problem. The others will convert to CMYK of that's the destination, without causing any real problem whether used or not.