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    Combobox doesn’t react on text input from textfile


      At this point I’ve got a combobox that gets its content from a SQLite database.

      The user can select an item from the combobox or type the name of the item and then select it. When an item name is selected, the item is shown on the screen. Those functions work.


      I made an open and a save function. The save function saves the name of the item in a text file. The open function opens the name of the item in the combobox. But then nothing happens. It doesn’t matter if I hit Enter. It seems that the combobox doesn’t recognize the text as input.


      It is important to save and open the name of the item and not the item itself, because the item can be changed. Then an old item would be shown.


      I want the combobox to open the item when the item name is loaded in the combobox. What are the solutions for this problem?


      This is the code that loads the name of the item in the combobox:


      private function openComplete(e:Event):void




                  var data:ByteArray = fileRef.data;

                  combo.textInput.text = data.readUTFBytes(data.bytesAvailable);






                  Alert.show("Foutmelding: " + errObject);