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    indesign interactive

    inquestflash Level 1

      hello indesigners.


      im trying to figure out a command in indesign on a tutorial ive seen,but the instructor does not mention how he gets

      an object flying into the page and simutaniously making a sound effect while the page loads.im triyng to figure out this days now but with no luck.

      can someone please help me out.


      as seen on the screen shot,the rectangle MERI DIEN flys in from the left to right and makes a sound effect,now when i import the sound mp3 i cant convert it to a an object to use it in the

      timing panel.so there has to be a way around this.


      Another way of maybe putting this is:how can a sound be heard on page load?


      ps:this is a well known intructor tutorial.i dont know if im allowed to say more.

      ill be glad ot share my file too if someone would like to see what im after in order to understand better.


      thank you.