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    Creating Digital ID with password problem


      Hey guys,


      at first I have to say thanks to adobe. It has a lot of documentations and tutorials of all their products.

      Nevertheless, I'm currently facing an (simple?) problem for which I haven't foudn a solution so far:


      I want to create a digital ID with a password. I am using Acrobat Pro 9 and usually, one can just click on Advanced > Security Settings > Add digital ID button > "A new digital ID I want to create now"


      But I cannot click on this field. It is grey. In all forums, HowTos, there isn't mentioned anything about this problem.


      Background is the following, maybe you can read this, and tell me afterwards, if it needed at all to create a digital ID:


      I have like 4000 PDFs (each has 6 signature fields) which have to be signed by 6 persons. I want to write a JavaScript script which signs all these PDFs automatically, so the first person signs every first signature field of the 4000 PDFs, sends them to the second person and so on.



      Thanks in advance