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    Host Header

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      We currently have our websites in IIS set up with an IP address and port number. We wish to change this to a host header. If we change this to a host header can each employee still push there project? They are currently pushing their project to the port number.

      Example on RoboHelp7 client when we publish to the RoboHelp Server we enter server name of 191.xxx.xxx.xxx:88 so we are going to port 88 which directs to the right information. If we use a host header what do we enter for the server name? Since all sites will be off of port 80 with a host header? 191.xxx.xxx.xxx:"host header name"?

      If you could point me to the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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          nu_sheck Level 1
          I figured this out. Host Headers are the way to go they work fine and I recommend setting it up that way. The ideal way to do this would have been to set up with virtual directory so you only have to register one DNS name for all of your sites. Example
          help.comapanyname.com/website1. However I was not able to get this to work and there was no documentation on the subject. If anyone had success with this please pass on the info.