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    After Effects error: Can't import file "xxx.THM": unsupported filetype or extension.


      I have AE CS5.5


      I've been getting this error now when I try to import MOV files that I have recorded using my Canon 7D.


      Prior to recent, when I recorded video on my 7D it would only have MOV files on my memory card. Now, for some reason I noticed that with every MOV file there is an equivalent THM file that I now know is just a thumbnail file so when I preview the video on my 7D it has an image to display. It also carries EXIF data. Regardless, now when I try to import the MOV files, it gives me the above error. I DON'T EVEN CLICK ON THE THM FILES! The MOV files import perfectly fine into Adobe Premeire.


      Help please?!