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    Maximus (Quadro + Tesla) vs GeForce 680/690

    dcfreelancelot Level 2

      With the release of, now that AE supports the GeForce 680, I'm wondering which configuration is faster for raytrace rendering - a Maximus configuration (Quadro + Tesla) or a single GeForce 680.  Or for sh!ts and gigles, a Quadro + GeForce 680.


      My system currently has a single Quadro 5000.  Would I benefit more by getting the Tesla 2075 or the GeForce 680 as a second GPU card.  I've seen the comparisons on Adobe's AE product website with benchmarks comparing the Quadro cards against themselves but can't find any benchmarks comparing Quadro/Tesla vs GeForce cards.


      Similarly, which GPU configuration would benefit Premiere more?


      Nvidia will of course argue that Quadro + Tesla are better because of more RAM, higher precision FP calculations, ECC, and supposedly more reliable build quality, but does either AE or Premiere actually care about any of that?  Nvidia's real reasoning is most likely related to them selling you a higher profiting product than actual performance.  I actually turn off ECC on my Quadro card because I find that it causes image smearing in Photoshop.