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    Oddness with CHM compiled on a 64-bit Windows 7 PC

    RickNoll Level 1

      I made two RoboHelp 9 chm files. One of them was initiated when my computer was still a Win XP machine (64 capabile though). The other was started after converting to Win 7 64. The first file (XP) is about 100meg in size, the second (Win 7) is about 20meg. I uploaded to an internal web site and provided email links to download these internally at our company. A coworker accessed them by downloading the files onto an XP for testing and the one created on the XP system works great, but the one created on the Win 7 loses a lot of the skin functionality. Then we downloaded both files onto another Win 7 machine, both files work great.


      Here is what the file created solely in Win 7 is doing on the XP machine. The entire menu bar above the main help document is transparent and latches onto back ground material. When the open program is moved around on the screen icons and back ground images move with it, as if they are duplicates of them. Expanding out the TOC becomes transparent and inaccessible. The controls, like minimize, close and the other RoboHelp standard menu items are hidden from view until the cursor goes over them. Both files have been worked on extensively in Win7 and I looked at the starting source code for each and can not find a difference.


      I believe there is something going on with creating a RoboHelp 9 project in Win 7 and using it on an XP system. I don't know what it is though.