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    What is the Data Rate of the Cache in Adobe Premiere CS6

    woodybrando Level 1



      Trying to build a raid array to edit with and want to know how much speed i need for caching read/write drive for premiere and After Effects. I'm of the impression that the cache doesn't need more than a single 7200rpm drive (~120MB/s) but really i have no clue what the data rate that adobe caches to is or what the data rate to read is


      so it's 2 questions


      how fast does premiere write the cache? (i know this is system dependent but a ballpark figure would be good for say a sandy bridge i5 2500k system with a 2 raid 7200rpm drive)




      what's the data rate to read the cache in a 1080 24p file?


      also, when doing the final export does premiere/after effects read from the Cache or the original files or both?