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    Premiere Pro & Premiere Elements Crash When Open Together?

    flyingfish4 Level 1

      Anyone have a problem with Premiere Pro & Premiere Elements crashing when open together?

      I have PE10 and am doing a trial of Premiere Pro CS6.

      Both crash fairly quickly when open together.


      i7 2600K

      Windows 7 64 Bit

      16GB RAM

      GTX 470

      Corsair AT 850 Watt PSU



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The first thiing that comes to my mind is a resources issue. As you have a stout computer, with more than adequate RAM, unless something is failing (like a stick of RAM), or perhaps the GPU, I would not expect to see what you observe. On a much less powerful machine, I have no problem running PrPro, Encore, Photoshop, Illustrator, and a word processor, all at the same time.


          I would look into this ARTICLE, which starts with some general tips on setting up one's computer for running PrE, and then goes into system and OS tune-up tips (this is probably where I would start, if the intitial checklist looks OK), and then goes into troubleshooting. I would definitely look here, and especially using Event Viewer to try and track down what is happening, when the crashes occur, and also the one on tools to test RAM, GPU's, etc.).


          Good luck,