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    Flash Video Jerky / Choppy Fullscreen Chrome

    craigeryjohn Community Member

      I've been having this problem for a couple of years using Flash video across ALL websites.  When I play a full screen flash video, the video gets choppy or jerky.  The audio continues perfectly.  I'm a pretty tech and computer savvy person, so I have tried a lot of the fixes I could think of.  I ended up finding one SOLUTION to the jerky video that works EVERY SINGLE TIME.  If I right-click the full-screen video, and allow the settings menu to remain on top of the video while it plays, I NEVER have issues with jerky or choppy video.  If I cancel the settings menu, the jerkiness returns immediately and remains throughout the video duration.  To help diagnose this, here's my specs and stuff I have tried.


      Dell 1764 running Win 7 x64 on a Core i5 processor, 4Gig RAM.

      all builds of chrome in the last couple of years, w/ and w/out the included flash (i.e. disabling in about:plugins).

      24mbps cable connection, with no buffering issues noted

      Cleared cookies, history, temp files, ran anti-virus and spyware.

      Have always been up-to-date w/ windows updates.


      Fullscreen videos that do work flawlessly:

      Netflix using the Silverlight plugin.  Youtube HTML5 videos.  Any DVD's or downloaded videos play perfectly in VLC and MPC.


      So, in summation:  Flash vidoes in fullscreen are Jerky/choppy using Chrome browser.  When I right-click and allow that menu to remain on top, jerkiness goes away.  Cancel the right-click menu, problems return.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Please check out the following troubleshooting guide for Flash video:



          In particular, I'm curious as to whether or not disabling hardware acceleration resolves the issue.  (This may be effectively what's happening when that menu is displayed.)


          If that's the culprit, check to see if there are newer drivers available for your video card.

          If not, please file a bug here: http://bugbase.adobe.com/


          Including the output of dxdiag in the bug would be super helpful (Start > Run > dxdiag)

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            craigeryjohn Community Member

            Hardware Acceleration doesn't make a difference.  I've tried it either way.  Internet Explorer 9 DOES work properly, so it seems to be an issue with the Chrome Build.  I submitted a bug report w/ the Direct X information.  Any other users having this issue?

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              Phat80Andy Community Member

              I am having this issue as well and have similar specs. When I toggle all flash videos from fullscreen to just a normal window I encounter about a second of audio and video lag. Other times when I'm watching videos the video will freeze for three to five seconds, the audio will continue and then the video will play back in fast speed to catch up with the audio. This happens in both non-fullscreen and fullscreen.


              Like craigeryjohn I have a used all chrome builds over the last few years and never ran into a problem like this. Recently I have tried the latest public, beta, and dev builds of chrome to no avail. I do not have this problem in IE or Firefox.


              My Specs: Vista x64 with a Core i5 2500k, 8 gb ram, nVidia 560ti (Using 296.10 due to non flash related issues with latest drivers).


              Flash version: Shockwave Flash 11.3 r300 Version 11,3,300,250

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                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                Just to confirm, it sounds like the issue you're describing is limited to just the transitions in and out of full-screen mode, right?  Craigeryjohn is describing a different issue, where the choppiness persists through the rest of the playback.

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                  Phat80Andy Community Member

                  Yes Jeromie, I am having the issues with both transitions and another issue similar to craigeryjohn with choppiness in playback. However mine comes at random times throughout playback not throught the whole video.


                  Now that I read this over better his issue appears slightly different than mine. I should have posted in a new topic. Sorry for the confusion.



                  One other thing relating to craigeryjohn's issue. When I used only had the PepperFlash plugin in chrome:plugins, the video and audio playback were jerky and choppy throughout the entire playback. Disabling PepperFlash fixed that issue for me. However I still get random video delay during playback.

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                    jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                    No worries.  I appreciate the feedback, and just want to make sure I'm understanding the data that I'm collecting clearly. 


                    We're aware that there are random short-lived problems that happen during transitions in and out of full-screen and scrubbing.  We have a number of bugs open on the engineering team around it.  In general, these are usually complex timing-related problem with a bunch of interrelated, moving parts (codec, network latency, buffering, stream quality, hardware, browser, etc).  They're really hard to debug.  It continues to be a big area of focus for both the dev and quality engineering teams, and something we're investing a lot of time and energy into improving. 


                    Also, it's worth pointing out that we test a pretty large matrix of graphics cards, and we partner directly with many of the GPU vendors -- but there's a ton of fragmentation and we can't check every single card that's out there in the world.  If we see a bunch of bugs coming in about a particular configuration, we do our best to track the card down and take a look. 


                    If you find instances where you're able to reproduce playback problems consistently, please file a bug.  Include a direct link to the video/videos that you can consistently reproduce the video problems with, and include the output of dxdiag (or the graphics card info from the System Information tool on Mac).  OS and Browser versions are also very useful.


                    I'm not personally involved in the work around PPAPI for Flash Player, but we have a whole team working on building a great experience for Chrome and Pepper.  Disabling PepperFlash where it's enabled will generally cause Chrome to fall back to the stanadard NPAPI-based Flash Player instead.  Keep an eye out for announcements about preview releases for Flash Player on PPAPI -- I'm sure the team will appreciate your feedback once they become available.