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    Maximum Recommended Project File Size?

    Kenny Miracle

      Hey Guys,


      A year ago, I was editing a documentary in Final Cut Pro 7. It had hundreds of hours of HD footage, and when I dropped it all into FCP, it would crash very often. Turned out, once an FCP project file size is over 100 MB, crashes are common. So I created up to 10 separate projects and kept them all around 75 MB. No more crashing.


      Now, I'm about to edit another doc in Premiere Pro CS6 for the first time, and am curious if there is a similar issue. I would like to store all my media inside a PPro project in order to utilize customized metadata tab in the browser.


      Is anyone aware of similar issues? Are there recommended maximum project file sizes or amount of assets to store in a single project?



      Kenny Miracle