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    Interactive 3D

      I have been tasked with creating an interactive moulding page like the one that I'm listing below. I was hoping that someone on these forums would have some idea about how it was created. I could really use a push in the right direction with this. Thanks in advance!


      Here's the web page:


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          Chris102101 Level 1
          Sorry. I forgot to mention. If you go to the website, please click on a couple of pieces of trim to put them into the box on the right, then click on the 3D button down below. That will bring up a 3d version of the trim that you can pan and zoom around. Thanks

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            multiduck Level 1
            You would need to create both a 2d and 3d asset for every item you can select in the menu. Use the 2d asset to let the user place it, then translate the placed 2d sprites location to a corresponding location in your 3d world. When you have the vector you can clone the 3d model of the 2d asset into the 3d world.
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              Chris102101 Level 1
              Which I guess means that yes, it can be done?

              The follow-up question would be is this the way to go about doing this? Is there a better way to create something like this?

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                multiduck Level 1
                Well since it's a shockwave example you linked to then yes it can be done. :)

                As for your other question it depends on what you need, if all you want is to be able to see the selected item in 3d you really don't need the 2d part.

                My suggestion is to sit down with the involved parties and specify what's needed, when it needs to be finished and how much resources are available to complete the project. Then you can decide what to include and how to go about the achieve it.