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    Can't see my PDF after the first page when i put the security on!


      i have a PDF file protected by password that cause me problems.


      If i put security by password on this PDF, and i look at the infos, i found : Encrypted with Acrobat Distiller 9.2.0


      But if i don't secure it by password, i got Adobe Distiller.


      But the real problem, with security, when i try to see my PDF on a website, il looks like this


      If i don't put the security, it is ok, i can see the other pages. In my example, all what you see is the end of the first page, on 30 pages.


      Am i the only person with this problem? I'm looking for another version of my acrobat to see if the "distiller" is the same and if i'll get the problem again.